Bangoケチャップマニス / KECAP MANIS 275ml画像

■ 商品仕様

製品名Bangoケチャップマニス/Kecap manis 275ml



■ Product specifications

Product name: Bango Kecap manis 275ml

Manufacturer: BANGO

◆ Store at room temperature avoiding high temperature and humidity and direct sunlight

◆ Country of origin: Indonesia

◆ Contents: 275ml

* Package is subject to change.

* There is a halal mark

Bangoケチャップマニス / KECAP MANIS 275ml


Kecap Manis is "coconut sugar soy sauce". A traditional sweet and thick soy sauce often used in various cooking in Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia and Malaysia. It is a rich and sweet that is also recommended for vegetarians. The taste is different for each manufacturer. Bango also likes this bird package, and in fact I have asked him for signs and tablecloths (there are many novelty goods in Indonesia). .. It didn't work.
The maximum purchase is 5 pieces. If you would like a combined quantity, please contact us, although you will be charged a separate shipping fee. Please let us know.
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