INDOMIE インドミーミーゴレン(激辛) / Mi goreng pedas Hot Fried Noodles画像

■ 商品仕様

製品名Indo mie インドミーミーゴレン(激辛) / Mi goreng pedas
メーカーIndo mi


■ Product specifications

Product name : Indomie (super spicy) / Mi goreng pedas

Manufacturer : Indomie

Product weight : 80g

Put the noodles in boiling water for about 3 minutes. Put the boiled noodles in a colander, drain the hot water, put it on a plate, mix the attached seasoning, seasoning oil, and soy sauce well and sprinkle with fried onion. Add the attached chili powder if you like.

◆ Store at room temperature avoiding high temperature and humidity and direct sunlight

◆ Country of origin: Indonesia

◆ Contents: 80g

* Package is subject to change.

INDOMIE インドミーミーゴレン(激辛) / Mi goreng pedas Hot Fried Noodles

インドネシアで最も有名なインスタント麺ブランド「Indo mieインドミー」のミーゴレン焼きそばの辛口です。

Mie Goreng, Yakisoba, from Indonesia's most famous instant noodle brand "Indomie".
The maximum purchase is 10 pieces. If you would like a combined quantity, please contact us, although you will be charged a separate shipping fee. Please let us know.
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