INDOMIE インドミー ソトミー味/ Soto Mie Flavour画像

■ 商品仕様

製品名Indo mie インドミーソトミ―味 / Soto Mie Flavour
メーカーIndo mi


■ Product specifications

Product name : Indomie Soto Flavor

Manufacturer : Indomie

Product weight : 75g

Approximately 3 minutes while loosening the noodles in about 400 cc of boiling water. Turn off the heat, add the attached seasoning and seasoning oil, and stir well to finish. Add the attached chili powder if you like.

◆ Store at room temperature avoiding high temperature and humidity and direct sunlight

◆ Country of origin: Indonesia

◆ Contents: 80g

* Package is subject to change.

INDOMIE インドミー ソトミー味/ Soto Mie Flavour

インドネシアで最も有名なインスタント麺ブランド「Indo mieインドミー」のソトアヤム(チキンスープ)味のラーメンです。

Soto ayam (chicken soup) flavored ramen from Indonesia's most famous instant noodle brand "Indomie".
The maximum purchase is 10 pieces. If you would like a combined quantity, please contact us, although you will be charged a separate shipping fee. Please let us know.
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